Expertise has become our passion, and we are committed to developing it



You know yourself best. We know performance best. 

We use this to our advantage. We'll start with an initial session, get to know each other, and see if we're a good fit for you.

Combining your knowledge of yourself and our knowledge of performance, we will create a plan of action that's most effective for your unique needs.

We believe the process is a collaboration between the athlete and us.



After the initial session, we begin to build a performance profile for you.

We begin with where you feel the issues are. From there we explore, break down, pressure test, and continually push the boundaries. 

As we conquer one barrier, we move to the next. Perfection is impossible but that doesn't mean we don't strive for it. 

If one strategy doesn't work, we try a new one. There is no one-size-fit-all solution but we don't stop until we've found your solution. 



You'll begin to notice a change in your mental performance as the training continues. 

Your ability to plan, set goals, and execute strategies will happen more naturally. You'll find it easier to work in a team setting. The ability to regulate your emotions during training and competition will seem much more fluid. 

Performing under pressure, establishing pre-determined strategies to manage negative emotion, and coping with setbacks will become second nature.


Experts aren't born
They're Created

Talent is often seen as your natural ability to excel at something. We don't agree.

Developing expertise and becoming elite rarely correlates with talent. Instead, we constantly see traits such as motivation, resiliency, determination, focus, and proper training as what defines the elite's success. 

Vertex Performance specializes in training athletes in these skills and helps push them in their game. We don't believe expertise is an accident - it's earned.




How is the training done?

Vertex Performance uses techniques drawn from psychology and mental performance coaching. These techniques are used to help the athlete develop skills that will ultimately make their training more effective and perform on game day.

What are Mental Performance skills?

It doesn't matter how skilled an athlete is, if they can't control their mental game and emotions on game day, their performance will show it.


Anxiety, anger, fear, and stress can shut down regions in your brain which are critical for utilizing the skill you've been training so hard. Mental Performance skills is a way to manage these mental blocks, help you to establish mechanisms to reduce the negative effects, and even create order in your life through goal setting and planning. 

 resiliency doesn't mean 

never having a break down

It's being able to step back,

 recover, and start again

Landon Gorbenko

Founder of Vertex Performance


I'm passionate about three things: psychology, expertise, and video games. So, I pursued a career that would allow me to combine them all together. And Vertex Performance was born. 

I work to develop competitive and professional athletes in esports. Video games have evolved into an active skill requiring training, practice, strategy, and the mental skills to control it all. Traditional sports have been using mental performance coaches for years and have seen incredible results - it's time for esports to do the same.

My goal is to coach professional and up-and-coming athletes to master these skills and become the elite. The world is rapidly recognizing the dedication and skill it takes to be an esport athlete and esports deserves the same magnitude of training as traditional sports. 

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