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the esport transition

There's not a professional sport team out there who doesn't have a mental performance coach using techniques of sport psychology to crank them up to 11. Being an athlete has evolved so much over the past decades and being elite requires more than just working at your mechanics. It now requires you to master control of your mental state and consistently pump out peak performances. And that's what I do. Or at least what I planned on doing.

Recently, I've put a lot of thought about bringing this field into the world of Esports. And why not? Esports ARE sports; they have skill and talent, strategy planning, team cultures, practices, leagues, and literally everything else required to be a sport. Esports can benefit from the results of mental performance training as much - if not more - than traditional sports. So, I've taken the plunge and began the transition.

I dropped everything in my home town of Calgary and moved to Toronto to pursue the dream. It has started off with a bang, though. Putting in work with a local team called Shattered Dreams (SxD), making huge connections with big names in Esports, and getting introduced to a world I've wanted to be part of. What's going to come next is still pretty unclear but you can be sure I'll be chasing down every lead I can find. But the start has been smooth and the future is looking pretty alright, and I owe the start of the transition to SxD.

We'll see what happens next and this blog will be the way I record what goes on. I'm looking forward to all the exciting things that will be happening and all the events I'll be able to write about. Now's the time to chase the dream.